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During a private session you can find the warmth of a no-judgmental, deep understanding listen. This is the most important thing to me, in each level you will communicate. The so-called setting for each appointment might change a lot: there will be always the direction of the Guides to tell us how to start. That could mean we will start smoking a Sacred Pipe or having a Reiki Healing Session to get relaxed. Often we'll get led in an Active Meditation to allow us to move in another dimension. Remember, if there is a sincere desire to communicate, you’ll get connected with your beloved ones or other Light’s Beings. The first session usually goes for one hour. Fasten the belts and enjoy the trip.

Upcoming Events

The original Source, the Dawn of our Souls

La fonte originale, l'alba delle nostre anime



Ritiro Spirituale - Spiritual Retreat

Mt Nanos, Slovenia, Slovenija

May 2020

4 Full days in the  warm embrace of our Mother Earth

Sacred Sweat Lodge, Equisetum Ceremony, Prayers and Songs

For more info, please contact me

What's next?

Meet Your Ancestors 
Una meditazione guidata dove puoi incontrare i tuoi antenati. Non solo quelli b

Meet Your Ancestors

Una meditazione guidata dove puoi incontrare personalmente i tuoi antenati. Non solo quelli biologici ma anche gli antenati ancestrali, i tuoi spiriti guida o i tuoi animali totem.

A guided meditation where you can personally meet you Ancestors. Not only the biological ones but also the Primordial, Ancestral, your Spirit Guides or your Animal Totem. Waiting for you, book your spot

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prenota entro il 2019 la tua lettura del registro akashico personale e avrai il 20 % di sconto

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Private session - Incontri individuali

Dopo 4 incontri individuali, il 5  è gratuito

Giorgia sarà a Siracusa e provincia 

dal 24 luglio al 30 settembre 2019

Trieste dal 1 ottobre al 31 dicembre

Past Events: April 2019


So glad to announce that a special retreat will be held in Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily next Spring. Four full days of teaching and sharing in Nature to live a profound experience in deep contact with Mother Nature. For Workshop Info and Registration contact me or Giusy Scrofani Shiatsu facebook page

Past Events: May 2019


Four Full Days in a breathtaking spot, an entirely workshop in the wild of Mother Earth. A special retreat will be host at the feet of the Mt. Nanos, Slovenia. An unique experience of your senses and your senses in the astral body. More Info upcoming, stay tuned or contact me